Labor Force

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Labor Force Reveals...

...the unspoken truths about transition to motherhood and provides take-charge strategies you will need to embrace your new identity as a working mom and set yourself up for success.

Drawing on the personal stories of working moms at the highest levels of success and on her experiences balancing motherhood, a demanding job and cross-Atlantic travel, Vivienne Wei offers strategies and support for dealing with the fear, stress and guilt that come with having a career and building a family.

What You Will Learn Inside The Book:

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    The boss-approved way to share the pregnancy news
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    Roadmap for building your mommy tribe at work
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    How to evaluate the real value of your career using a data-driven approach
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    How to develop a transition & re-entry plan in preparation for your maternity leave
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    Negotiation tactics for transitioning back into your new work life with ease
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    How to instantly dissolve fear, stress and guilt as a new working mom
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